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10 DELE exam preparation classes (55min)


Pack of 10 online classes focused on the preparation of the D.E.L.E. exam, 55 min. duration each one.


Descripción detallada

Service description:

  • Nº of classes: 10.
  • Duration: 55 minutes/class.
  • Modality: online, individual.
  • Type of class: preparation D.E.L.E.

It include:

  • Work on a real exam model.
  • Carrying out exercises similar to the tasks of the exam.
  • Reinforcement of weaker competencies.
  • Correction and improvement of each task.

Each class will focus on one topic:

  1. Examination structure.
  2. Tests, tasks and times.
  3. Scoring of each test. Criteria taken into account by the examiners to evaluate each task.
  4. Test 1. Reading comprehension.
  5. Test 2. Listening comprehension.
  6. Test 3. Written expression and interaction.
  7. Test 4. Oral expression and interaction.
  8. Practical classes. Practical material.
  9. Tips and tricks for the exam.
  10. Review and last doubts.

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Out of stock

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