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15 Customized group classes A1 (55min)


15 Spanish classes online.


Descripción detallada

Service description: 15 Spanish online classes in small group tailored for level A1. Spanish classes adapted to the level, interests and objectives of Level A1 students, and according to the content plan of the Instituto Cervantes.

  • Nº of classes: 15.
  • Duration: 55 minutes/class.
  • Modality: online, in small group.
  • Type of class: custom.

 It includes:

  • Development of spoken and written expression.
  • Development of listening and reading comprehension.
  • Grammar, vocabulary and more skills.
  • Delivery of consultation documents and exercises.
  • Monitoring the progress of the student.

For information about other services of the Spanish School with Carmen, access Online-Classes.

Out of stock

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