Conversation sessions in person (90min). Group 3

60,00  / month

1 Spanish conversation session per week, for intermediate levels (B1-B2).


Descripción detallada

Monthly subscription product without minimum permanence (free cancellation).

  • Nº of sessions: 1 in each week.
  • Hours: Tuesday, from 16:00h at 17:25h.
  • Duration: 90 minutes/session.
  • Modality: In person, small group (max. 4 people).
  • Type of class: Conversation (1st part: guided / 2nd part: free).

See Note 1.

It includes:

  • For the 1st part of the session (guided conversation), previous delivery of guidance document. Content:
    – Topic of conversation.
    – Useful vocabulary related to the topic.
    – List of grammatical content likely to be used during the session.
  • Detection and correction of mistakes made during the conversation.

Does not include:

  • Delivery of explanatory material with grammatical, phonetic content, etc.
Note 1:

After making your purchase, Carmen Teixeira will contact you via whatsapp or email to send you the location of the central Malaga cafeteria where the conversation sessions will take place.

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