Readers’ talk in Spanish (EN)

Spanish reading and conversation group ONLINE. Weekly sessions of 90 minutes.


Descripción detallada

Service description: Readers’ talk in Spanish. Spanish reading and conversation group ONLINE.

  • Type: monthly subscription (free cancellation).
  • Number of sessions: 1 per week.
  • Duration of each session: 90 minutes.
  • Modality: online (vía Zoom).
  • Small group: 4 places.

Groups (Madrid-Spain time):

  • Group 1: tuesday, from 9:30h to 11:00h (complete).
  • Group 2: tuesday, from 11:30h to 13:00h.
  • Group 3: tuesday, from 15:30h to 17:00h (only 1 place).
  • Group 4: tuesday, from 17:30h to 19:00h (complete).
  • Group 5: tuesday, from 19:30h to 21:00h (complete).
  • Group 6: wednesday, from 16:00h to 17:30h (complete).

IMPORTANT: Indicate your group in the Additional Information section when you formalize your subscription. If the group that fits your schedule is full, please write me and we will try to find a solution.

Includes weekly delivery of reading text and reading analysis sheet.

  • The essence of each session will be to talk about the content of the text, although the interesting grammar that appears in each text will be commented and vocabulary doubts will be solved.

78,00  / month

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