10 Individual Conversation Sessions (55min)


10 conversation sessions in Spanish.


Descripción detallada

Service description: 10 Spanish conversation sessions adapted to the level, interests and objectives of the student. An intermediate level (B1 / B2) is recommended to hire this service. See Note 1.

  • Nº of sessions: 10.
  • Duration: 55 minutes/session.
  • Modality: online, individual (one to one).
  • Type of class: Conversation.

It includes:

  • Delivery of information document for the session. Content:
    – Topic of the conversation.
    – Useful vocabulary related to the topic.
    – List of the grammatical content that will probably be used during the session.
  • Detection and correction of mistakes made during the conversation.

Does not include:

  • Delivery of material or explanations of grammar, phonetics, etc

Nota 1:

  1. If you want to choose the topics of conversation or Spanish content that you want to practice in the sessions, indicate them in the “Additional information” box when making the class reservation request in the conversation sessions calendar.
  2. If you do not have preferences, the topics of conversation will be proposed by Professor Carmen.
  3. Between the purchase of the pack of 10 conversation sessions and the celebration of the first session, there will be at least 2 days.

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